Billing and Payment Policy

Payment for services

Radiologists’ services are billed separately from the hospital or imaging center where the procedure was performed. The hospital bills the patient for the technical portion and the radiologist independently bills the patient for the professional interpretation of the complete examination. Payment in full is due upon receipt of your first statement. If patients have medical insurance, a claim is filed to the insurance on the patients’ behalf. Patients should contact our billing company (MSN Healthcare Solutions) with questions on your statement. Their telephone number is printed on the statement (800) 841-4236 or connect to the patient portal on their website to make credit card payments:

You may also call a HRC representative at: (828) 693-0294 if you feel there may be an error on your bill.

Payment Options

Statements are mailed monthly. We accept cash, personal checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Please keep receipts of payments as they may be deductible on your income taxes.

A word about medical insurance

An insurance policy is an agreement between the patient and the insurance company. It may require payments for certain portions of medical care. These payments are called the deductibles and co-insurance. It is our obligation to collect these amounts from each patient.

As a service to our patients, we file all claims to primary and secondary insurance plans. It is the patients obligation to assure that the correct and current information is provided to perform this service. Insurance cards and identification are needed each time services are provided.

In cases where the insurance company does not process the claim correctly, delays payment, or reimburses at a low rate, it is the patient’s obligation to appeal the decision. HRC is happy to help with this process.

Patients are ultimately responsible for paying their own bills.