Professional Services

When patients are referred for a x-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound, or other diagnostic examination the procedure is performed by a technologist. The radiologist supervises how the procedure is performed, may request that the technologist obtain additional clinical information from the patient, and interpret the outcome of the exam. The radiologist then dictates a written report that is sent to the referring physician.

The radiologist may confer with the referring physician and compare the results with prior examinations. All of this is done to insure overall quality and that the examination is performed to today's standards.

Results of your examination

Patients are always interested in the results of their diagnostic imaging studies. The results may affect treatment of a disease or illness. Equally a “normal” finding can simply be a great relief. The results of the examination are provided to the referring physician as a written report. This process normally takes up to 24 hours.

Please notify the hospital staff, at the time of service, if there is a reason that the results need to be immediately called to a physician.

The referring physician may review the findings with the patient. Your referring physician uses the results of the radiologist’s report in conjunction with other assessments to assist in clinical decision making and treatment.